Vending Like A Boss

vending Jun 02, 2022

Since the pandemic, the rise of the craft community has birthed thousands of new craftpreneurs. Crafting is not only therapy, it's also a great way to bring in additional income from creating handmade gifts and products that you love. Vending at pop up shops, festivals and craft shows is a great way to earn some extra cash this summer.

If you are new to vending, I know it can be a little nerve wrecking figuring out how to pick the right event, what to bring, and overall what to expect. In this article I am sharing a few tips from my ebook, Vending Like A Boss, to help you decide which event to choose, what to bring, and how to ensure you make a sale.

Tip 1

Ask the host how are they promoting the event. The last thing you want to do is pay for an event that is not being promoted on social media. No promotion means no customers. Vendors should promote the event too, but the success of the event should not rely on you as a vendor.

Tip 2

How to decide what to bring- My advice is to set a money goal of how much you want to make, assess what you already have in inventory, then decide what products you want to create to fill in the gap.
I go into more detail of this process in the book.

Lastly, Tip 3.

Create $5 or less affordable items for your table. There may be people who cannot afford your higher priced items so create something where people can still support your business. A great example of this is keychains, stickers, pens or personalized Dollar Tree items.

If these tips have helped you in any way, grab my ebook Vending Like A Boss. It's 16 pages filled with practical tips and do's and dont's, so you can walk into your first or next vending event with confidence!

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