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6 Daily Lessons to teach you new design techniques & tricks

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By the end of this challenge you will be able to organize all of your purchased files in Canva, create your own digital files for crafting and learn how to package your digital files for sale.

You will get instant access to start this challenge at your convenience.

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1. How to upload and organize your purchased SVG's and PNG's

2. How to create party favor templates

3. How to create mock ups and watermark your files

4. How to create and export an SVG

5. How to design and export a file for sublimation or Printable Vinyl

6. Canva Tips and Tricks

1. How to use brandkit and upload fonts
2. How to package a digital file for sale

You will get instant access to this challenge!

All classes do not require Canva Pro but it is highly recommended.

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The Power2Manifest Community has been helping people conquer their fears of learning something new to spark their creativity for over 2 years. Chaketa, Ayanna and Candice use Canva to design and create crafts, digital products and social media templates and they are coming together to share their expertise with you so you can do the same.