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The Resourceful Community Of Successful Crafty Women That Will Elevate Your Skills Through Live Coaching, Professional Support  and On-Demand Training

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My Story - How It All Started

Hey my name is Chaketa! When I first got my Cricut machine, it was a birthday gift from my husband! I was so excited because I loved what other ladies were creating with the Cricut machine and I wanted to do it too.

 But, little did I know that getting the machine was just the smallest part of the whole journey. The biggest part was how to learn the skills and get started with making beautiful crafts as soon as possible.

Like most of you, there were periods of overwhelm and not touching my machine for months at a time. But with the support and push of my husband to keep going, over time I perfected my craft. I then sold my crafts on Etsy and local events!



So why am I telling you this long story..

Well, after successfully mastering my skills and producing several Cricut crafts ….

And also making some extra bucks by selling my works both online and in-person,

I decided to teach other women, how to create beautiful crafts with Cricut. This started about 2 years ago. 

Then, I discovered something.

Almost every single student in my class was facing the same problem I faced when I started out…

They couldn’t start on their own, even after learning all the skills. They were not motivated enough to get things started on their own.

So, I thought to myself: Maybe, I should create a platform to offer that extra push to all my students. 

That’s how I created the solution I’m about to introduce you to. 

So, if you're at the stage where you feel overwhelmed by all the things you can do with Cricut, yet you're unsure of where to start, then this message is yours. 


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Stop Sitting On Your Creativity, Get It Out There And Impress The World!

Like you, when most of us start out in the Cricut Craft, we are often faced with the problem of getting our creativity out and designing our personal works.

So you end up doing the following...

  • Starting a project and stopping mid-way through because you're unsure
  • Putting your machine back in the box
  • Not moving forward with your business plans because you don't know how to start

.And this list never ends..

I won't lie to you. Crafting is not as easy as it looks.. Even the most experienced people still face some challenges. But you can do it with the right support and motivation.

 Well, I have a solution for newbies like you who are trying to get their grips on Cricut craft and selling online. It’s a group of like-minded Cricut professionals and newbies,  willing to teach, learn from each other and grow together as a unit! 

It’s called the Power2Hustle Membership.



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Here's What you Get In The Membership


#1- Exclusive Live Online Community Classes

Get access to our members-only live monthly classes organized by Chaketa. These classes take you from A-Z. Our classes cover Graphic design, Etsy, Cricut and selling your craft.

#2- Access to All Previous Live Classes

If you ever missed any of the live classes, you can access the replays of these classes. You can watch these videos at your own pace.

#3- 24/7 Supportive Group and Access to Chaketa

We boast of the biggest and most vibrant support group in the Cricut world. Our members are always available to provide support and inspiration to all other members, irrespective of where you are, your age or your experience. This is the best Cricut community you’ll ever find on the internet. 

You'll Get Instant Access to These Classes

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What Do I Get From This?

Honestly, I created this community so I could give my students a platform to share their experiences and inspire one another. But, beyond that, this group also helps me in many ways such as:

  • It helps me to answer all my student questions at a go.
  • It gives me the platform to understand what my students want and offer just that
  • It makes me fulfilled, knowing what my students are able to do. 
  • It is an extra source of revenue for my extra work


Originally, I wanted to do this for free. Because I just wanted to see my students grow and make more meaningful impacts. However, as the group grows bigger, there’s the need for me to put in more effort to reach everyone and provide the full benefit you deserve.

But, it still costs less than a dollar a day!

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Results From Joining the Community

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Let's Get You Started Already

I have only one promise for you: This group is exactly what you need at this point in your life. So, if after joining this group, you still don’t find it convenient or worthy of your money, then you can cancel you membership anytime

The testimonials above reflect the culture exactly how we roll in this community. 

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