Updated: Jun 17, 2019

If you're like me, you feel like the busiest person in the world. Between working a job-job, children sports and activities, family time, husband time, social time with friends...oh yea, I’m an empathetic introvert. I have to have my alone time to de-clutter my mind and clear my energy to function properly..I’m fucking EXHAUSTED. Where does the time come in to work on my business and be consistent?

One day I was sitting on my bed, staring at my Etsy shop on the laptop. Lost in my thoughts of over-analyzation. At some point, I came to an awakening; realizing I had let almost a whole year go by without any real progression in my business goals. Here it was, another holiday season coming around. I just remember feeling unprepared, mixed with some self pity. The longer I sat there in it, it turned into anger and I said "FUCK THIS SHIT!" I became mad at myself that I let this long go by. Mad that I didn't push myself harder..

That "F.T.S!" moment took me from 14 Etsy sales in a years time period, to over 200 sales in 3 months! I had tunnel vision. I would visualize myself doing the work and making sales so much that it turned into my reality.

If you're too busy to make time for money, money won't make time for you...

It's time for you to;

Decide-what you want and it if your willing to put in the work to accomplish it. This is the most important step.

Pick a Specific Goal and Focus on That- whatever you focus your attention to is what will manifest.

Make Time Even If You Feel You Can’t Extend Yourself Anymore-self reflect and see what your doing in your day where you can substitute, to focus on your goal. i.e social media scrolling, lunch breaks at work, less tv etc..

Ask For Help-between the kids, Facebook groups and friends and family, you just might be covered. Ask not get not.

Positive Self Talk Everything starts and ends in your mind and in your perception. Give yourself pep talks and congratulate yourself even when you achieve the smallest of goals.

Visualize- take 5 minutes out of your day, close your eyes and see yourself doing the work.

Don't wait for an F.T.S.moment, just put in the work now!

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